Who we are


Who we are

Ikageng is a community based organisation that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children around the area of Soweto. Ikageng provides pyscho social support and counsel to its beneficiaries through the delivery of social programs such as Education, Health and nutrition.

Ikageng wants to improve the quality of life for children and focus on creating a safe environment where Ubuntu (Social Cohesion) is the most highly regarded value

“We wants to ensure that children have every possibility for success,productivity and the realisation of potential”


Passion - We complete our tasks from day to day driven by a commitment to provide our clients with sacrificial care and unconditional acceptance.

Family - We pride ourselves on being a home to all our clients, providing a nurturing and welcoming environment a safe haven for them. Respect - We commit to recognising others before ourselves, including our colleagues, clients and our community.

Accountability - Ikageng best serves its clients through having efficient and effective processes in place, consulting with all stakeholders and tracking our progress regularly for us to remain consciously liable for the attainment of our Vision and sustainability of our organisation.

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