Operating under lockdown

I am writing this letter to express my care and concern regarding the COVID 19 (CORONAVIRUS). The pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation which affects our families, business, communities and the way of life. First and foremost, the virus is so new that we know little about it, and it is now widespread across […]

May 2020

As the National Lockdown continues, we are so appreciative of the new supporters we have gained. The Angel Network together with Coneckt, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and faith-based organisations, launched an initiative called CAN (community action network) where groups of friends can look after places in need. Thanks to F/NE For Good, Ikageng has been […]

April 2020

Ikageng is still operating as an essential service under the National Lockdown. Our beneficiaries, who are typically fed at school, are now depending on us to assist them with food security and health guidance. About 600 of our beneficiaries cannot take their ARV treatment on an empty stomach. We are incredibly grateful for the various […]